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The fun has been flowing at Australia’s first casino for nearly 50 years; an entertainment mecca built on the hum and anticipation of gaming in style. Wrest Point isn’t only for seasoned gamers – try a new game or ask for a refresher from our friendly and experienced croupiers.

Whether you love the weight of holding just the right cards, or the thrill as the roulette wheel spins, Wrest Point has an extensive range of table games sure to please. Choose from Federal Baccarat, American Roulette, Rapid Roulette, Federal Pontoon, and Blackjack.

Our pulse-racing table games are open from 5pm until 1am (Sunday to Thursday) and 3am (Friday and Saturday), with Rapid Roulette open from 1pm daily.

Learn the rules by clicking on the game you want to play below.


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  • BlackJack

    Blackjack continues to be one of the most popular card games at casinos around the world. The objective is simple: obtain a combined card score total closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards to win. But try not to go over 21 or you’ll bust. If you’re lucky, you’ll be dealt an ace and a card with the value of ten, which is Blackjack.

  • Federal Pontoon

    A variation of Blackjack, Federal Pontoon is played with a deck of 48 cards (with the four 10 cards removed). The object of the game is to achieve a card total as close to 21 as possible without going over 21.

  • Roulette

    A favourite of casino players, Roulette is fun, exciting and easy to learn. To play Roulette, place a chip on a number or combination of numbers and wait for the dealer to spin the ball. Bet on options such as red or black, odd or even, dozens, high or low numbers or even streets and corners.

  • Federal Baccarat

    Jame’s Bond’s game of choice. There are two hands dealt in Baccarat – the Player and the Banker. No cards are dealt to players. Guess which hand – Player or Banker – will achieve a points total equal to or closest to 9. Players also wager on a tie which pays out at higher odds.

  • Big Wheel

    The dealer spins the big wheel. Where will it stop? Place your bets on the table layout in front of the wheel, betting in the area corresponding to the symbol where you think the wheel will land. Bets on Big Wheel begin at $2.50.